Tuesday, September 28

mugger me =)

yup. luck to everyone for promos okie. promote to j2 la. and everyone be prepared dat i will top the klass. i've been mugging 24/7. i think im gonna win everyone. gosh. forgive me k?

ya. hey anyone going jielun concert huh? go together. haha.. den go out hun after the concert

duncan brings out the best in me like no one else can do.

liverpool rocks la. juz admit.



Blogger loy said...

oops..i think liverpool lost again..sux lah..haha..have dey ever won..boring soccer..still lose..haiz..nth to say liao..top the class???r u sure u'll be the one..i'm gonna beat u man!!lol.

September 30, 2004 at 1:26 PM  

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