Monday, August 16


this is a very impt issue..i notice that there is increasing racism in our class..
this is not GOODdddd!!! ar..michelle ar....racism agst blacks...i personally think blacks and indians are the most impt grp of ppl in the world...without them, our streets will become very e 3rd world countries.....indians are very good in technology and blacks can even become presidents(nt to say abt the country's economy)
Now, even i'm trying hard to learn a new language, TAMIL(so tt i will understand when ppl scold i think u guys shld learn frm me...nxt time when i'm ready..maybe i can teach u...Tamil is a very interesting language. It's very much like rapping...

yeah..n keep the posts coming..someone can update our our class activities everyday too..or any events..thx


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